MineOS Product Updates May 2023

Nathan Siegel
Nathan Siegel
Jun 14, 2023
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MineOS Product Updates May 2023

Welcome to our May 2023 Product Features Blog! This month, we're excited to share the latest enhancements aimed at making privacy governance and compliance operations more seamless for businesses. Stay tuned as we delve into the exciting new features developed this month, including upgraded cloud data source discovery, new exporting functionality in our platform and more.

A New Role in MineOS

In organizations, collaboration on privacy is essential but should be done in a non-intrusive and efficient manner. On the MineOS platform, we have traditionally had Agents and Reviewers with specific roles. Agents configure the platform while Reviewers receive prompts and provide feedback on data assets. However, we have recently introduced a new role called Admin. Admins not only have the same abilities as Agents but also have the power to invite new Agents. It is a superior role that should be assigned to those responsible for managing and delegating privacy operations. This new role enhances intra-company privacy communication by allowing both total asset ownership and non-delegatory feedback on data sources, providing greater flexibility in management.

Data Source Discovery: Upgraded Cloud Scan

We're ready to unveil our largest product upgrade this last month, featuring an advanced cloud discovery method. This enhanced approach utilizes a deeper and more accurate scan, significantly boosting the efficiency of data source discovery for customers with a robust cloud presence, and extensive customer PII stored within these tools. Experience heightened efficiency and precision as you effortlessly navigate your cloud infrastructure, gain invaluable insights, and ensure seamless privacy governance.

Export the Kitchen Sink

To analyze the state of your privacy program it sometimes helps to be able to visualize and manipulate raw data outside of the tools that help govern it. We’ve typically let users export their Data Inventory, newly-discovered data sources in Radar and other lists but we’ve now introduced a new option that lets the user export everything everywhere all at once! This would include lists like those previously mentioned, but also your Unused Assets (like minimized systems or off-boarded employees), Processing Activities, and more.

Log Your Logins, for Extra Security

Because the MineOS platform is the nervous system of privacy compliance for your organization, businesses rightly see it as an important tool, and one that is relevant for security matters. Now it’s easier to know if unauthorized access to your MineOS platform has taken place, as the updated dashboard includes information about the Last Login - including IP, location, and other details that are easy to glance at and verify.

New Integrations

MongoDB DSR integration