Continuous, real-rime tracking
of Sub-Processors

MineOS reduces risks from 3rd-party processors by providing data visibility, monitoring and easy privacy management. With just two clicks, you can create your organization’s Data Processing Addendum (DPA).

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The problem with sub-processors

Compiling and maintaining an accurate and up-to-date list of sub-processors for Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) related to various frameworks is extremely time-consuming and prone to errors. Data environments are changing every second, requiring a real-time, super vigilant solution to ensure compliance.

How we solve it for you

MineOS efficiently and automatically solves this problem by leveraging its data mapping module to track data flows, identify processing activities, and generate a comprehensive and accurate DPA sub-processor list, saving time and ensuring compliance with evolving data privacy regulations.

Why Mine

Data mapping that keeps up with evolving data flows, regulations, and operations.

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Better data mapping
Comprehensive visibility is key to understanding the privacy impact of sub-processors. MineOS Data Mapping discovers data sources, types and processing activities throughout your company faster and more thoroughly.
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Monitor/mitigate risks
Mine offers data-driven contextual insights on your vendors’ cyber posture and attack surfaces. Get tips on how to remediate these risks to reinforce data privacy and demonstrate constant compliance.
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Global PII tracking
Leverage our proprietary data mapping technology to visualize how your users’ and customers’ data flows across regulatory jurisdictions, vendors and processors. One click is all it takes to see compliance with your own eyes.
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Measure sub-processor impacts

Use tools such as Business Impact Assessments to measure vendors’ risk factors that most impact your business’s privacy compliance, and see where and how they’ve made you vulnerable.

Reveal vendor cyber posture

Cyber posture ratings for each vendor, relating to Application, Network, IT, and Human factor risks help you identify where peripheral data processing may be exposing your business to preventable risk.

Inaccurate spreadsheets, meet automatic DPA reporting.

Automate your data schema to know exactly what data you hold and where, making it easier than ever to govern your data and prove it: with one-click DPA and ROPA records.

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Continuous Peace of Mind

Your very own map is only a few clicks away. Join the hundreds of other companies who use Mine.
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"Streamlining complex privacy compliance"
“Great team, tackling an important challenge in privacy, and taking a data-driven approach.”
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"Integrated and user friendly platform complemented with excellent support"
"The level of support provided to ensure it's set up properly and you know how to use it to maximise it's effectiveness."
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"A great platform with so much promise in the pipeline"
"MineOS is a great way to ensure all of your DSR needs are centralized and controlled in the same location. It has made understanding our DSR process so much more than ever before."
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"I genuinely have nothing bad to say about Mine! They are truly a best-in-class solution."
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"Privacy compliance simplified and streamlined"
"The setup process is quick and easy. Many other platforms are overly complicated. Especially when you do not have teams dedicated to this."
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"Easy to use Privacy Platform"
"We had no visibility to review our entire data inventory at this level before. Now we can we where and what data types we have."
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"DSR automation without the hassle"
"The UI is straightforward and plan flexibility. Ease of setup as well. It meets all the requirements."
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"Great tool/sped up processes"
"Great tool. Helped automate and vastly sped up our process for DSR Handling."
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"A great one stop shop to manage privacy!"
"Easy to use and very intutuive UI which simplifies managing all of your privacy tasks."
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