Empowering Data Privacy Professionals with Mine Radar

Nathan Siegel
Nathan Siegel
Feb 20, 2023
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Empowering Data Privacy Professionals with Mine Radar

At MineOS, our mission is to empower data privacy professionals to get their enterprise Privacy Program up and running quickly,  and just as important, to keep it moving without a hitch. We understand that managing data sources can be a challenging task, which is why we're excited to introduce Mine Radar, a powerful new feature that simplifies the ongoing process of managing data sources.

Radar is front and center in your Data Inventory, and is quick to set up.

With Mine Radar, companies now have a simple workflow for discovering new data sources connected to their company. Radar automatically identifies and classifies new data sources based on usage, employee access, department, and more. This allows businesses to determine the significance of each data source and decide whether to confirm it for their inventory or off-board it.

Complemented with MineOS's continuous data classification on top of the data inventory, Radar makes it easier than ever to keep control over a wide, detailed data inventory. Radar, alongside MineOS’s variety of powerful privacy tools, enables companies to quickly identify where data resides in their organization, how it flows and why it's being processed, which simplifies the data mapping, minimization and compliance processes.

By using MineOS's suite of features, now including Radar, companies can more simply stay on top of a changing data environment, and reduce loose ends or gaps in compliance. The sum total of these capabilities help businesses ensure they're continuously meeting regulatory requirements, seamlessly managing privacy and building customer trust.

Radar is just the newest of MineOS’s growing list of easy-to-use tools, which help to visualize, organize and act fast on enterprise privacy compliance. Mine continues to be the easiest way for businesses to keep track of their connected data sources, and for data privacy professionals to have reach in the enterprise, through autonomy and automation. 

Ready to simplify the management of shadow IT and enable your privacy team to stay on top of compliance as the enterprise grows? Give MineOS a try today to see the difference it can make.

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