April 2023 MineOS Product Updates

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
May 7, 2023
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April 2023 MineOS Product Updates

In response to the growing challenges faced by companies with a substantial number of employees and data assets, at Mine we’ve been busy working on some new capabilities that streamline privacy administration, simplify off-boarding, and enhance overall data management efficiency. 

Enough preamble - let’s dive in!

Tailored Naming for Your Consent Rights

Now, MineOS users can redefine the names of the consent rights in alignment with their brand identity and compliance requirements. It’s no longer necessary to settle for default consent rights labels, and personalizing these crucial consumer privacy elements can help reflect the company’s values and speak in your customers’ language.

Enhanced Usability with MineOS AI

We are excited to unveil some AI upgrades that take MineOs to the next level. With this latest addition, customers can now accept all suggestions made by our AI simultaneously, saving valuable time and effort. Gone are the days of reviewing and accepting each suggestion individually. 

Further embracing automation, our AI has also been enhanced to suggest Status and Department for each employee, providing valuable insights into their specific impact on privacy. This added layer of information makes it easier than ever to assess and manage privacy related to individual employees and departments in your organization.

Unveiling Upgrades to MineOS Processing Activities

We are delighted to introduce a series of upgrades to MineOS Processing Activities, enhancing the way organizations understand and manage their data processing operations. With the latest update, you now have the ability to define the Business Unit associated with each activity, providing a comprehensive overview of the purpose, ownership, and when you filter and export based on the Business Unit - specific risks related to the processing activity. This newfound capability empowers organizations to grasp the bigger picture of their data ecosystem, enabling better decision-making and risk assessment. 

Introducing the Unused Assets List

We are thrilled to announce a revolutionary new feature in MineOS called the "Unused Assets List." This innovative addition simplifies the process of managing assets that have been removed from the main data inventory, and employees who are no longer with the organization. In terms of data, when assets are no longer actively utilized or employed within your system, they should be removed, transferring them to the Unused Assets List which represents the bank of assets that, for privacy’s sake, should be off-boarded from the company.

New integrations have also landed! Now you can integrate MineOS with OneDrive and SharePoint!

We are thrilled to report another successful month of product updates! As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to the months ahead!