Classify data faster and more efficiently, with Smart Data Sampling

MineOS tech can identify 100% of the core data inside your data sources in a fraction of the time it takes the competition

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Cut the Cost and Timeline of Classification

When you need to “deep dive” to classify all the data in a critical data source, Smart Data Sampling obtains a 100% core data result with a sample size of only .5-50%. Rather than let the competition use lengthy full scans on more data sources than are necessary, Smart Data Sampling makes them need-only, preserving your privacy goals while drastically reducing costs and work hours.

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Unlock Flexibility and Privacy Purpose

Classify data in systems based on what’s necessary for privacy. The instant context-driven classification of MineOS AI is great for standard SaaS tools, while more complex data sources or those processing more sensitive data can now be scanned accurately with a preference for either speed (Smart Data Sampling) or governance (full scan - thorough enough to enable data policies).

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