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Mine works with agencies, technology companies, SaaS providers, law firms and more to deliver trusted data privacy solutions.

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Committed to building customer trust through our network of privacy-conscious partners

Technology providers
The data ecosystem is no longer contained in a system-of-record, but in hundreds of applications. Our partner-friendly platform is easy to harness wherever data privacy requirements are needed.
Law firms
Data privacy is now a top priority for legal teams. Partnering with Mine will ensure providing a compliant and streamlined experience for your customers.
Marketing agencies
Data privacy is changing how marketers work, and those who value it will win. We partner with marketing agencies to help them integrate data privacy into their offerings.
IT businesses
Data privacy is becoming a more common concern for IT teams, who find themselves in need of compliant solutions that work in plug-and-play fashion with any stack
Privacy companies
Companies providing privacy solutions for their customers find a complementary and value-added partner in Mine
InfoSec consultants
Data privacy is undoubtedly a concern for security firms, who are able to supplement their offerings with MineOS capabilities

Our integrations 

Connect your customers’ data collection preferences to every system
and application in your data ecosystem, automatically.

What Does a Privacy Partnership Look Like?

With Mine

Partnering with Mine provides your business with expertise from the world’s privacy leaders, efficiency in privacy efforts, reputation management, and risk mitigation. Mine Partners ensure that they are complying with data privacy regulations and protecting their customers' data effectively.

  • Get Expertise: Lean on us to help you navigate the complexities and challenges of being a data privacy leader.
  • High Efficiency: Use Mine as your in-house privacy consultancy, freeing up other resources to focus on core competencies.
  • Build Reputation: Businesses partnering with Mine demonstrate their commitment to data privacy and build trust with their customers.

Without Mine

Privacy without Mine means ensuring your product is compatible with your market’s consumer data privacy rules alone, and putting the burden of compliance with GDPR and CCPA, for example, on your partners and customers.

  • Go It Alone: Data privacy regulations are a maze of requirements that are easy to commit to but harder to materialize, especially for non-experts.
  • No Privacy Difference: Competitors in your industry are already determining how they can better promote privacy as a pillar of their brand, and consumers notice.
  • The IT Vote: Integration with the full stack is a primary factor in IT decision-making, and without it, doing new business is harder to justify.

Strategic partnerships

Work with Mine to champion a new era of data that benefits consumers and businesses alike, using smart technology and a passion for privacy.

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