Expose and exclude Shadow IT from your privacy program

Rather than integrating with little-used systems, or neglecting their potential PII exposure, MineOS helps you instantly identify “shadow IT” data sources and then minimize or mitigate their risks.

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The problem with Shadow IT

Your employees are using software that may process or store your customers’ personal data, without these systems being managed or approved. Shadow IT risks privacy with potential exposure to sensitive data, but it’s difficult to discover, to justify for business operations’ data processing, and to protect alongside critical systems.

How we solve it for you

MineOS efficiently and automatically addresses the problem of Shadow IT for a company pursuing data privacy compliance. Our real-time data mapping module discovers up to 100% of systems during lightning-fast discovery, and adds usage and access context upfront for easy identification of Shadow IT.

Core Functions

Lost in SaaS sprawl? We’ll help you uncover services, understand who has access and reclaim control.

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Classify data intelligently
For data type classification of your systems, Smart Data Sampling offers an expedited, high-performance solution between AI classification suggestions and our full no-code integrations,
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Filter usage by employee
See exactly what data sources and SaaS tools each employee has access to, and how frequently they’re used. Make the decision to minimize a data source, or to reinforce its privacy, simple.
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Measure and mitigate
Gain actionable insights and threat intelligence into your data sources to identify potential security and compliance risks like data redundancy,. risk of accidental disclosure and more.
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Shadow IT inventory insights, at square one

MineOS is the only privacy platform to illuminate employee usage and access during discovery, in parallel with our revolutionary email scan. Other solutions demand due diligence to find and identify shadow IT, and exclude it from privacy operations.

Promote total system knowledge with teammate reviews

Privacy professionals who are comfortable with deferring to data owners or delegating to colleagues about the details of a data source, can easily accomplish both within MineOS, by asking for a review at any stage of the data inventory process.

Understand the impact, and the solution, for Shadow IT

Easily determine the course of action for data sources that should be minimized, protected or monitored. Risk factors like cyber posture, usage and more sharpen your focus on privacy operations.

Continuous Peace of Mind

Your very own map is only a few clicks away. Join the hundreds of other companies who use Mine.
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No-code API integrations with more than 500 SaaS platforms

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“Great team, tackling an important challenge in privacy, and taking a data-driven approach.”
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"The level of support provided to ensure it's set up properly and you know how to use it to maximise it's effectiveness."
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"MineOS is a great way to ensure all of your DSR needs are centralized and controlled in the same location. It has made understanding our DSR process so much more than ever before."
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"I genuinely have nothing bad to say about Mine! They are truly a best-in-class solution."
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"The setup process is quick and easy. Many other platforms are overly complicated. Especially when you do not have teams dedicated to this."
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"Easy to use Privacy Platform"
"We had no visibility to review our entire data inventory at this level before. Now we can we where and what data types we have."
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"DSR automation without the hassle"
"The UI is straightforward and plan flexibility. Ease of setup as well. It meets all the requirements."
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"Great tool. Helped automate and vastly sped up our process for DSR Handling."
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"Easy to use and very intutuive UI which simplifies managing all of your privacy tasks."
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Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual work. Make privacy your advantage.
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