June 2023 MineOS Product Updates

Nathan Siegel
Nathan Siegel
Jul 11, 2023
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June 2023 MineOS Product Updates

MineOS June 2023 Product Updates

We are excited to announce several important updates to MineOS for the month of June, which will hopefully make it even easier for businesses to manage their data ecosystem while ensuring thorough, easily administered privacy and compliance.

Custom Frameworks: Simplifying Data Type Enforcement

Enforcing regulations like GDPR require the ability to track and control the specific data types that are processed by systems you use. It’s a basic tenet of privacy, and to address this need, we have traditionally categorized data types into frameworks such as PHI and PCI. However, as MineOS expands and serves customers in various industries, we recognize the importance of providing custom frameworks. Now, you can create your own frameworks and alerts tailored to your business, ensuring that data governance aligns with your specific requirements.

Create custom frameworks for data in your MineOS portal.

Okta SSO Discovery: Seamless Integration for Identity Management

We understand the importance of streamlined access and identity management in data discovery. To further enhance this capability, we have added Okta, a major Identity Provider, to our list of discovery methods. With Okta integration, more companies using MineOS can benefit from seamless data source discovery, especially for their managed systems. This update ensures that our platform further aligns with the industry's leading identity management solutions, and is one step closer to providing SSO discovery capabilities for all major IdPs.

Suggest Power User: Efficient Collaboration for Data Mapping

Efficient collaboration is crucial for accurate data mapping and privacy compliance. While our AI and contextual insights provide valuable assistance, we recognize the value of personal expertise. To facilitate this, we offer localized email communication with your teammates, who may possess additional insights into data sources, types, and processing activities. 

When requesting feedback on a data source, type, or processing activity, Power Users are front-and-center.

In the past, we have recommended that the teammates identified as Power Users - based on data collected regarding employee system usage and access - be those you ask for feedback. But now, when seeking feedback on a data source or processing activity, we prominently highlight the most relevant Power Users for you. This update eliminates the need to check their role or status separately, streamlining the collaboration process and putting the most relevant data owners front-and-center.

AWS Discovery: Expanding Cloud Data Source Discovery

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently added cloud discovery for AWS infrastructure for all users. This update presents a significant opportunity for businesses leveraging Amazon's AWS platform, allowing them to easily locate data sources within their cloud environment. With this addition, MineOS solidifies its position as the industry leader in terms of breadth, speed, and accuracy of data source discovery. We remain committed to supporting businesses across various cloud IaaS providers, empowering them to maintain robust data governance regardless of their chosen infrastructure.

Integrations: Enhanced Data Source Connectivity

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance integration capabilities, we have integrated additional services into MineOS this month!

For Automatic DSR Handling: We now support Auth0 and GDrive as data source DSR integrations. This integration streamlines the process of connecting and managing requests involving these services within MineOS.

For Precise PII Tracing: We have expanded our support for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) discovery (content discovery) by integrating with MySQL and MongoDB. This integration enables seamless identification and management of PII across these popular databases, bolstering privacy compliance efforts.

Push Privacy Forward!

Want to stay ahead of new updates to the MineOS platform? Stay tuned for more information on how we’re transforming our SaaS to help companies more easily and effectively reach privacy compliance. See you next time.