Goosechase Brings Compliance to its Delightful Experiences with MineOS

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Mar 13, 2023
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Goosechase Brings Compliance to its Delightful Experiences with MineOS

Goosechase specializes in bringing fun and education together. An online platform that allows people to create custom interactive experiences, Goosechase has done an incredible job over its decade-plus in the industry putting smiles on the faces of people and drawing the inner child out of adults around the world. 


One of the biggest drivers of Goosechase’s growth was its appeal to universities and schools, looking to give students experiences that would stand out from day-to-day curriculum. With that however came the very serious matter of handling lots of PII on students.

Goosechase was cognizant of this from the moment it arose, and built a bridge solution that allowed people to join Experiences as guest users, effectively de-identifying all their data from the start.

This proved a sustainable solution, but Goosechase ran into more and more data regulations as the company expanded its user base into different countries. With the GDPR and other regulations such as the new CPRA putting more restrictions in place around children’s data, that meant not only covering how data is processed, but how it is transferred and disposed of as well. 

How can a company transfer or delete data that’s already de-identified and cannot be traced to an individual? That proved to be a conundrum for a company that was determined to be compliant and respectful of its users’ data.


Goosechase’s search for a solution kicked into high gear as laws in the U.S. further pushed the conversation on data privacy to the forefront. The company had long been a proponent of strong privacy initiatives–which is why they had previously created guest user accounts–so they made the business decision to go further and act on their values. 

To ensure Goosechase handled data appropriately, that meant making the DSR process even easier for users. Using traditional methods, that would require sorting through de-identified data to separate information and identify the individual to carry out their DSR task, a feat which would go against the whole point of de-identifying data to begin with. 

That is where MineOS came into the picture. 

The Head of Legal, Finance & Operations Alexander Stylianoudis wanted the company to move fast on the matter, noting, “We had gotten DSR requests from Mine, so we knew about the company and its reputation for helping people out with data privacy. We were intrigued because it felt like Mine was aligned in our purpose to protect data not just because it’s the legally right thing to do, but because it’s the right thing to do morally.”


Knowing that they had a privacy partner in Mine, Goosechase set out to create a way to allow for better DSR process handling. 

The solution? Linking the Goosechase and Mine APIs to allow anyone to trigger a deletion request in the app itself that automatically and immediately wipes out all the data the company has on them, including any PII that might have made its way to Intercom or other systems and sub-processors Goosechase uses. 

Alex explains, “With Mine’s help, we’ve been able to do this in a very tech-savvy way, directly through the API, which was actually decent to work with. For us, as a company of under 30 people, that efficiency was critical when we went looking for a solution.” 

Now more than ever, Goosechase provides fun and data compliant entertainment to people of all ages and backgrounds across the globe, and they achieved it all by being open with customers and forward-thinking about data practices and willing to work with a trailblazer like MineOS.