How Got Control of DSR Handling with MineOS

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Feb 14, 2023
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How Got Control of DSR Handling with MineOS is one of the largest online eyewear retailers in the world, with a particularly strong presence in the U.S. When the company was founded over a decade ago, the team set out to shake up the eyewear industry by bringing frames and lenses to consumers at a fraction of the cost of traditional eyewear retailers. 

The company’s vision has been a massive hit, selling millions of pairs of glasses.


With millions of sales comes an unimaginable stream of data, including both credit card information and personal identifiable information (PII). While has a reliable privacy program in place, as time went on, more and more DSR requests from customers were coming in. 

The software they were using to deal with DSR requests was slow and laborious. In some cases, it would take up to half an hour to deal with a single request. 

Nisso Shitrit, the Product Manager at, explained the frustration they were feeling. “Before Mine, it took a long, long time to close a DSR request. We had to block and allocate hours and hours a week for all the requests, but eventually when we saw the amount of time it was taking, we knew we had to look for a better solution.”

Like any company trying to stay compliant with data regulations like California’s CPRA (among other states), as well as being open and accommodating to its customers, it was incredibly difficult for to handle DSRs well without a solution that streamlines the process.


Nisso first came across the MineOS name while reviewing possible options. 

“What I’d heard about Mine was that it was innovating the industry and was a really exciting startup.”

During the selection process, two things stood out to Nisso: the clean UI and how easy it was to work with the Mine team.

“As someone with a product design background, the Mine UI really works. It’s simple and doesn’t overwhelm you, which isn’t something I saw when looking at other options. And the team, Gal, Stas, Danny, and everyone were so easy to work with, so genuine and nice. It didn’t feel like they were just trying to get our business and be done with it.”


After such a strong first impression and realizing they could get the solution up and running within days, the team decided to go with Mine. 

The business impact started paying off almost immediately, as DSR handling times dropped significantly and the process became streamlined and smooth, freeing up hours for Nisso and his team.

Even more important? The MineOS UI and no-code integrations are so easy to pick up and use that Nisso’s department no longer needs to regularly involve IT in the DSR process, saving the company double the time and resources. has always taken customer service seriously and strived to give their users the best experience and the company views compliance as part of that experience. Being able to handle DSRs smoothly has made the task feel less like a slog and more like an achievement in customer care. 

“If our experience is anything like the norm, I’d recommend everyone to give Mine a try. The automation is a game-changer and the team there is so pleasant to work with.”