Common Acronyms in the Data Privacy Industry

Oz Tollman Goodman
Oz Tollman Goodman
Sep 20, 2021
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Common Acronyms in the Data Privacy Industry

It’s easy to get lost or confused with the ever-growing list of acronyms in the world of data privacy and compliance. Here’s a list of commonly used privacy acronyms and their meanings:

Common data privacy acronyms

Data privacy regulations acronyms:

Common Acronyms in the Data Privacy Industry

Organizations and roles privacy compliance abbreviations

  • DPA - Data Protection Authority
  • DPC - Data Protection Commission
  • ICO - Information Commissioner’s Office
  • DPO - Data Protection Officer
  • DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • SCC - Standard Contractual Clauses
  • SAR - Subject Access Request
  • EDPB - the European Data Protection Board

Understanding privacy and data protection challenges for companies 

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