Sometimes It Takes Two: Collab on Privacy with Teammate Feedback

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Mar 21, 2023
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Sometimes It Takes Two: Collab on Privacy with Teammate Feedback

Where technology can streamline manual processes, we should always embrace it - and that’s why building an instant privacy program with Mine is so simple - even if you’re not a veteran Data Privacy Officer. 

Many roles and processes touch customer data when it enters an organization. While privacy professionals should definitely have centralized control and visibility over their business’s customer PII, that doesn’t mean they’ll always know the details: Like who the owner of a data source or process is, or why it was initiated at the organization. And when it comes to compliance, the devil is in these details.

Communicating with teammates about the particulars of your business’s customer data can now be even more seamless, now that it’s internalized in the Mine platform.

Introducing Teammate Feedback by MineOS

Especially in larger organizations, it’s crucial to be able to confirm the specifics about data sources with those who are most familiar with them: For instance, with the employee who “owns” that one specific data source because he or she needs it for their role. These are processing activities if they involve customer PII, and also is the purpose of Mine’OSs new Teammate Feedback feature. 

Find the Teammate Feedback on your data sources in Mine Radar.

The Teammate Feedback feature accelerates the process of validating data assets with the team, by implanting it directly where the rest of your privacy efforts occur - the MineOS portal. 

When the Radar has discovered data sources that you aren’t sure should be added to the data inventory, you can now select the data source, and click ‘Ask Teammate’ to request more detail or context about the data source from those you’ve invited to take part in data privacy via Mine.

Send an email to the teammate asking for feedback.

MineOS already knows who your Power Users are thanks to the context provided by our Email Navigator, which continually discovers and details the data sources in your Radar. In times of uncertainty, being able to be sure about a data source or process makes the difference in compliance. 

We suggest you start with the data source’s identified Power Users when requesting feedback about data sources, and invite them to your Mine portal before asking for feedback.

Requesting feedback from the relevant teammate sends an email to them requesting that they leave comments on the data source, and links to Mine. 

To leave feedback, your teammate just enters the MineOS platform from their email and submits the context you require - and that’s it. It’s also important to note that when leaving feedback, the teammate’s role on the Mine platform comes without admin privileges - preventing them from making any changes to the privacy plan. 

Teammates can receive requests via Mine and see tasks where feedback is requested, but can’t make changes themselves.

When the teammate submits further context on the data source, the privacy professional in charge of their MineOS portal will see there is feedback waiting within Mine when they next login. They can then select the data source in the inventory and take the appropriate, informed action.

Read the feedback left by your teammate and act accordingly.

With the context provided by their team, it’s easier to know whether or not to add or remove the data source from the data inventory, assign it to the most relevant processing activity and better incorporate it into the privacy program. Teammate Feedback is an important feature for recruiting teammates to help the privacy leader ensure compliance, transparency, and risk management in data protection.

Soon, teammate feedback will also be possible on more data assets and processes, making it even easier to collaborate about details of the privacy program and ensure your data inventory is as precise and clean as possible. At Mine we believe that a clean, precise and highly organized data inventory is the best and quickest way to compliance, and this won’t be the last feature to aid privacy professionals this year! So stay tuned.

If you’d like an early look at the Teammate Feedback process, make sure you don’t miss our upcoming webinar with Zyte where we’ll show attendees what it adds to an effective privacy program.