MineOS & Usercentrics Announce Partnership to Spread Revolutionary DSR Handling

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Jun 20, 2023
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MineOS & Usercentrics Announce Partnership to Spread Revolutionary DSR Handling

The data privacy industry is innovating and growing at an incredible rate as organizations begin to realize the value of data compliance and the business edge of valuing and protecting customer data. At MineOS, we pride ourselves on being up-to-date with what goes on in the industry, so our data governance platform offers users the best solution possible. 

Still, we understand that going on this journey together is better than going at it alone. Data privacy can be a complicated industry, but integrating great solutions together helps everyone in the long run.

That’s why Usercentrics, a standout Consent Management Platform provider, has partnered with MineOS to deliver state of the art DSR workflow automation to customers. The integration will bring CMP users access to Mine’s unmatched DSR automation, spreading a better data privacy solution to more businesses around the globe. 

The teams at MineOS and Usercentrics know that for data privacy to thrive, day-to-day compliance needs to be more accessible and easier to use for everyone. With millions of businesses receiving DSR requests annually, Usercentrics realized that connecting them with the most innovative solution for DSR handling would benefit the entire state of data privacy. 

Usercentrics has made its name as a leading consent management platform and is the company behind the popular Cookiebot platform. Through both Cookiebot and the Usercentrics platform itself, the company has transformed the way businesses gain, manage, and document user consent, a vital component in achieving data privacy compliance. As arguably the first data compliance requirement that comes to mind when people think of the GDPR and other data regulations, consent management is at the front of any privacy program.

MineOS brings the rest of a privacy program to bear, pioneering better, more automated solutions for Data Subject Request (DSR) handling and data mapping capabilities. The MineOS platform’s unmatched data source discovery and classification systems have become an indispensable tool for businesses to understand their data landscapes at levels never before seen, turning other GDPR and CCPA requirements like DSR handling, impact assessments, and RoPA reports from year-long battles to complete to smooth daily operations that don’t require heavy IT resources. 

By integrating MineOS into the Usercentrics dashboard, the latter’s customers now have direct access to a customizable privacy center and revolutionary DSR handling automation. With the Mine integration, the privacy center is automatically added to a company’s existing cookie banner, so their customers can access it with a click and be able to exercise their data rights without the company needing to do anything. Accessing the privacy center also gives Usercentrics’ customers the full capabilities of the MineOS platform, allowing them to leverage faster DSR handling and more comprehensive data mapping tools.

Bringing the full spectrum of MineOS’s compliance solutions straight into Consent Management and cookie banners will produce transformative, end-to-end privacy programs that earn the trust and respect of users and ensure companies can leverage data without risking brand image.

Now, you may be asking, "What does this partnership look like in the real world?" Look no further than our joint customer, Amperity. 

Once grappling with complex compliance challenges, Amperity’s privacy program has undergone an incredible metamorphosis thanks to MineOS and Usercentrics' combined forces. 

Amperity’s data inventory is considerably more thorough than ever, the company’s consent management is on point, and incoming DSRs don’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

This integration and partnership marks a monumental step forward for both MineOS and Usercentrics. Seeing customers like Amperity improve their data compliance lets us both know that the combination of Usercentrics’ CMP and Mine’s DSR handling is a winner that will reshape the privacy landscape and help thousands of businesses manage compliance better as the data privacy industry continues to evolve and grow.