The Essentials for a Successful Data Privacy Program Webinar

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Feb 15, 2023
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The Essentials for a Successful Data Privacy Program Webinar

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With GDPR enforcement at an all-time high, California’s new CPRA regulations set to become enforceable July 1, and more countries around the world than ever giving serious consideration to how data is governed, businesses can no longer get by without an organized and well-run privacy program.

Companies that are ahead of the curve have sought out innovative, easy-to-implement solutions to data compliance issues like compiling comprehensive data maps and handling data subject requests in a timely manner. These solutions have become necessities as the industry has grown more complex and data streams ever larger. 

One of those companies and a MineOS customer, Shiftsmart, has come away from its use of the Mine platform ready to champion the technology.

Join us on February 23 at 3 PM GMT/10 AM EST as Mine Co-Founder and CPO Kobi Nissan and Shiftsmart Manager of Privacy & Compliance Clarin Gniffke explore the must-have components of a modern data privacy program and how Clarin’s experience as a Mine customer has made her an even stronger believer in privacy as a business enabler. 

They’ll cover:

👉 Data privacy regulations and the resulting trends

👉 Best practice recommendations for how to approach these changes and implement solutions 

👉 MineOS’ newest capabilities

👉 Why Mine's new approach is so noteworthy and how it will help you

If you work in privacy and crave high-level industry discussions, you’ll regret missing this webinar!

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