MineOS named a Leader by G2

Tom Orbach
Tom Orbach
Jul 14, 2022
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MineOS named a Leader by G2

At Mine, we care about our customers and their feedback more than anything. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that customers ranked our MineOS platform as the #1 highest rated Data Privacy Management Software, the #1 highest rated DSR/DSAR Software, as well as the #1 highest-rated Sensitive Data Discover Software in the industry on G2, the leading business software and services reviews platform. <hl>These positive reviews led G2 to award us the "Leader" badge in several categories.<hl>

MineOS is the fastest growing privacy product on G2

Privacy doesn't have to be so difficult. The fact that we deal with a serious subject such as compliance doesn't mean we have to compromise on excellent user experience, efficiency, and affordability. <hl>We’re on a mission to provide better & easier-to-use privacy software for businesses<hl> — by focusing on UX and no-code automatic flows. Who said privacy software had to be complex?

That's why we're so excited to receive 16 unique awards for Summer 2022:

  1. The Leader badge
  2. The High Performer badge
  3. The Best Support badge
  4. The Easiest to Use badge
  5. The Fastest Implementation badge
  6. The Best Estimated ROI badge
  7. The Easiest Setup badge
  8. The Users Most Likely to Recommend badge
  9. The Easiest Admin badge
  10. The Best Usability badge
  11. The Best Results badge
  12. The Best Meets Requirements badge
  13. The Most Implementable badge
  14. The Highest User Adoption badge
  15. The Best Relationship badge
  16. The Users Love Us badge (We love you too. 💜)

Our competitive advantage

MineOS holds the highest satisfaction rating in the market — with 98% of users likely to recommend it.

By analyzing the 130 reviews we have received in the last 6 months, we can identify the key "secret ingredients" that set us apart.

Easy to setup: <hl>MineOS is the only platform in the industry that offers self-serve onboarding<hl>, without the need to talk with anyone to get started (Don't believe us? Try it yourself). Many of our customers completed their full implementation within less than 30 minutes, which is astounding compared to the 3-month industry average according to G2.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the simplest implementation on the market, as their time is precious to us. For this reason, we have broken down the onboarding steps into an easy checklist that users can complete at their own pace:

Of course, those interested can always book a 1:1 expert call to set everything up together (for free).

Easy to use: We started MineOS because <hl>we heard about the struggle many companies were facing with their existing privacy solutions<hl>. At the time, the existing solutions in the market were quite the opposite of "user-friendly", so we took a different approach and built everything with humans in mind.

Our Privacy Software is Made for Humans

That's why every feature we release is designed to be easy to use for everyone, no matter what the user's background is. In fact, the majority of our users are not technical at all — they are Legal Counsels, Customer Care Representatives, Privacy Analysts, Product Managers, and so on.

Our automated live Data Mapping feature is especially exciting since it not only allows companies to discover up to 100% of their data sources (using our powerful AI), but also presents the results in a beautiful, easy-to-understand format.

Best Support: Our agenda is that rich documentation is super-important, but it doesn't replace the need for a live & direct support team. All of our customers get fast (almost immediate) support over a dedicated Slack channel, where we make sure our developers & Product Managers hang out too.

<hl>The 100% satisfaction rating for our support team on G2 is heartwarming to us<hl>. This approval score means the world to us since we do everything we can to provide fast, efficient, and personal service — without losing our human touch.

Best Estimated ROI: The return on investment time of MineOS is estimated to be a little bit over 3 months among our customers, whereas the same estimation for other privacy software is much higher (19.5 months on average).

That's what we call value for money.

Disrupting the Privacy Space

Let's sum up with a comparison of the top Data Privacy Software products, taken directly from G2's Summer 2022 report:

It's great to see Mine receive these ratings and awards, confirming that we're on the right track in changing the data privacy landscape and providing companies with a user-friendly (yet powerful) privacy platform.

Our customers deserve our gratitude for their continued support and awarding us these badges. And lastly, special thanks to our wonderful team. <hl>We couldn't have done it with you<hl>.

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