December 2023 MineOS Product Updates

Nathan Siegel
Nathan Siegel
Jan 2, 2024
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December 2023 MineOS Product Updates

As we close out the year, MineOS is proud to introduce a series of significant updates in December 2023. These enhancements are focused on providing our users with greater flexibility, detailed insights, and robust performance. Let's dive in.

Custom Values for Processing Activities Fields

A major development this month is the ability for MineOS users to create custom values for several critical fields in Processing Activities. This includes fields like Business Unit, Legal Basis (for processing), and Cross Border Mechanism(s). The significance of this update cannot be overstated. By allowing the addition of custom values, MineOS is enabling its users to add more detail and accuracy to their data privacy plans.

This feature is particularly important for organizations dealing with vast amounts of data across various jurisdictions. The ability to define and use custom values means that data management becomes more aligned with the unique requirements and nuances of each business. In the context of increasing global emphasis on data privacy, this feature is a step towards ensuring compliance and facilitating a deeper understanding of data handling processes.

In-Line Risks and Suggestions in Data Sources

MineOS continues to leverage AI to enhance user experience and data security. A notable improvement in this regard is the integration of in-line risks and suggestions directly in the Data Inventory, per data source. Previously, users had to navigate to a separate menu to understand the potential risks associated with each data source. Now, for data sources where vendor risk has been calculated (based on the likelihood and severity of risks), our AI will display the number of high-potential risks upfront, alongside other details about the data source.

This update is designed to make risk management more intuitive and accessible. Users can now easily click to reveal which risks are highest and why, thereby enabling quicker decision-making and more effective risk mitigation strategies.

Infrastructure Improvements

The latest iteration of MineOS boasts of being the fastest and most robust version to date. The backend of the product has undergone significant improvements this month. Our team has put in heroic efforts to not only enhance the product’s performance but also to smooth over some of the minor quirks that emerged due to the addition of numerous new features in the last year.

These infrastructure improvements mean that users will experience a more seamless and efficient interaction with the platform. Whether it's processing speed or overall stability, MineOS is now better equipped to handle the complex and evolving needs of modern data management and privacy compliance.


We have expanded our integrations capabilities to include:

  • PII integrations with Oracle and Redshift.
  • DSR (Data Subject Requests) integration with Oracle.

As we step into a new year, MineOS continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in data privacy and management. The December 2023 updates reflect our commitment to innovation and user-centricity. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as MineOS continues to evolve!