Data Privacy Day 2023 Recap

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Jan 30, 2023
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Data Privacy Day 2023 Recap

Data Privacy Week and Day (January 28) have wrapped and we wanted to shine a light on the events that helped make the 17th annual incarnation such a memorable one.

While it’s always important for us as a data privacy company to spread awareness of and insight on everything data privacy-related, Data Privacy Day is a unique opportunity to amplify those messages to the business community.

We met the opportunity head on, hosting not one, but four events to cover as many perspectives as possible on data privacy. 

On top of the events, we also officially launched our newsletter, The Privacy Mindset! Sign up at the bottom of this page and keep an eye out for it during the third week of every month to get analysis on industry happenings, breakdowns of key articles within data regulations, and thoughts from our founders.

The MineOS team knows data privacy can be so much more, which is why we’ve done our best to spread the word about the industry’s new reality: no more spreadsheets, impossibly difficult data scans, or clunky UIs. 

Going forward, no-code, people-centric solutions that can economize privacy professionals’ time will be the drivers behind business compliance.

If you missed any of the events, catch up with them here to see how we’re innovating data privacy.

We kicked off the week with a customer webinar featuring Philip Mason from Minim, going through how our continuous data classification and data discovery can lead to the best imaginable data governance experience.

We kept the week going with a panel at Risk Digital with our CEO Gal Ringel covering emerging trends and challenges within the world of cybersecurity and regulations.

The grand finale was the Last Thursday in Privacy, where our CEO Gal Ringel started the day by taking part in a 6-person panel diving deep into the data regulatory landscape in 2023.

Afterwards, we hosted a panel with our Advisory Board Member, Jutta Williams, and our VP of Marketing, Samer Kamal, joining Ringel to break down what “people-centric” means and how Mine is closing the data divide between consumers and companies. 

It was a busy week for sure, but the Mine team never stops advocating for a world with better data privacy! 

We’ll be at PrivSec London Feb. 28 & March 1 and the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington D.C. April 4-5, so if you want to help us on our mission to make data privacy more accessible for everyone, be sure to catch up with us there.