Celebrating Data Privacy Day 2023

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Jan 17, 2023
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Celebrating Data Privacy Day 2023

International Data Privacy Day (known as Data Protection Day in Europe) will celebrate its 17th annual occurrence on Jan. 28. While the world has yet to agree on the name, most agree on the issue of data privacy’s importance to modern society. Recognized in countries across four continents, the day serves as a beacon to help further education and awareness around user internet rights and best business practices involving personal identifiable information (PII).

The event first started in Europe in 2007, and since then data privacy has gotten more focus in the business world due to increased consumer advocacy and many data regulations passing around the globe. However, the issue still has a ways to go to fully enshrine and protect user data rights on the path to a better internet. 

Mine is getting in on the action this year for Data Privacy Day. To celebrate the event and spread the word about how innovative and intuitive data privacy can be, we’ve loaded up our January schedule with a variety of events to explore some of the most pressing issues around the topic. 

MineOS was founded precisely to tackle those issues, bringing organizations no-code automation and machine learning to streamline data privacy tasks and keep compliance teams going strong without needing frequent assistance from IT and engineering. 

We’re taking a brand new approach to data privacy, ditching the spreadsheets, slow data scans, and long onboarding times in favor of a people-centric platform that anyone can pick up and get actionable data insights from within days. 

We kick off the festivities early with a webinar featuring Minim, a global IoT service provider and one of our superstar customers, to cover advanced data governance and what comes after data mapping on Jan. 19 at 3 PM GMT.

Next up? Our Co-Founder & CEO Gal Ringel will take part in the panel “The Future of Cybersecurity Law and Regulation: Emerging Trends and Challengeson Jan. 24 at 1:45 PM GMT as part of GRC World Forum’s Risk Digital conference.

Then on Thursday, Jan. 26, Mine will double feature in another GRC event as part of the “Last Thursday in Privacy” showcase.

Our CEO & co-founder Gal Ringel will take part in two panels to discuss "Data Protection Regulations Worldwide: 2023 Overview of Current Horizon" at 10 AM GMT and later “Closing the Data Divide: The Future of Data Privacy is People-Centricat 4:30 PM GMT.

Three big events to mark a big day and a bigger month for data privacy. 

Even with the holiday in the rearview mirror, Mine will be at PrivSec London Feb. 28 & March 1 and the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington D.C. April 4-5, so plan accordingly to make sure you’re celebrating and advancing data privacy–before and after the holiday.