Mine Earns Distinction with G2 Fall 2022 Enterprise Awards

James Grieco
James Grieco
Oct 31, 2022
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Mine Earns Distinction with G2 Fall 2022 Enterprise Awards

Here at Mine, we’ve continued our historic ascent on G2, earning 10 Enterprise G2 awards for Fall 2022. This brings the company’s total all-size awards to over 60, spanning a range of privacy-related categories such as Data Privacy Management, Data Governance, Sensitive Data Discovery, and more. 

2022 marks the second consecutive year Mine has appeared all over the G2 awards circuit, highlighting the growth the company has been experiencing. In fact, thanks to our happy and loyal customer base, Mine is now one of the fastest growing companies on G2, the world’s most trusted global software marketplace.

Our Fall 2022 Enterprise G2 Awards include the following:

  1. High Performer 
  2. Best Support 
  3. Best Estimated ROI 
  4. Easiest Setup 
  5. Easiest to Use 
  6. Fastest Implementation 
  7. Highest User Adoption 
  8. Best Relationship 
  9. Best Results 
  10. Users Most Likely to Recommend 

Data privacy issues are finally starting to get the focus they deserve from every position at companies. No longer is privacy just a matter for DPOs to concern themselves with, but a crucial element of any product’s DNA. 

Getting recognition for our solutions to B2B data privacy problems affirms all the work Mine has done to ensure the platform is enterprise-ready. The past year of building out privacy request automation, consent management, and data mapping & governance while keeping the day-to-day management simple and automated have made the platform a must-have for companies serious about safeguarding user data.

For companies trying to make Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) and data management faster and easier, as was OluKai, the Hawaiin-inspired premium footwear company, Mine has proven it can help. 

Mike Salvati, OluKai’s Digital Product Manager, said, “Previously, we used Onetrust. It was very complex to administer and maintain … the day-to-day process was very similar to Mine, but Mine just does it better, faster, and with a more intuitive UI … Mine is not just a platform to pay for and use but a strategic partner in Privacy compliance.”

The entire team at Mine is so grateful for the feedback our B2B customers provide us, which has helped power the product and shoot it up the G2 Enterprise rankings. For us, this second year of enterprise recognition is still just the beginning, as we have so much planned on our roadmap to help revolutionize data privacy through simplification and automization so every company transforms data privacy from a compliance requirement to a business advantage.