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Obtain continuous visibility and control over all your AI assets, and ensure AI data usage remains private, secure and compliant.

MineOS helps you uncover, assess and control your AI-enabled tools.

Like any third-party or internal software processing user data, AI tools must be incorporated into your privacy, security and IT programs. MineOS gives 360-degree visibility on how these tools retain and share data, and makes it easy to create data policies that fit frameworks governing compliant AI usage.

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EU AI Act: The First of Many

The EU AI Act is the first regulation to shape how businesses use AI, focusing on safety, transparency, and rights protection. This act categorizes AI applications by risk, demanding higher standards in data governance and ethical AI use. Key company responsibilities are below.

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Understand AI Use in Business

Identify and assess risks and other concerns related to AI tools and usage within your company.

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Ongoing AI Monitoring

Regularly review AI systems to ensure they remain compliant and safe.

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Data Privacy Compliance

Work to conform AI usage so that it complies with GDPR and other privacy laws.

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Transparency and Accountability

Ensure AI decisions and processes are recorded, clear and auditable.

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