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Ireland DPC To Fine Microsoft $425 Mil

Press Release
Jun 5, 2023
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Just weeks after issuing the largest fine in GDPR history to Meta over a variety of issues, the Irish Data Protection Commission has confirmed it will soon announce a $425 million fine for Microsoft. This fine is due to the tech giant's targeted advertising practices on its LinkedIn platform.

While the figure and statements have yet to be formally announced, Microsoft has confirmed the report, even issuing a statement to investors to ease their nerves.

Another 9-figure fine is massive news for GDPR enforcement, although the Irish DPC's reputation for strictness is considerably ahead of any other European data protection board, often leading to drawn out legal battles as corporations try to fight Ireland's rulings. It's another reminder of the need for a strong centralized data protection agency within the EU to not just administer fines, but see them through.

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