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CPRA compliance checklist

Press Release
Aug 11, 2022
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What is the CRPA? 

  • CCPA - The CRPA's Predecessor

Compliance checklist: 

Evaluate whether your business is subject to the CRPA

  1. Review & refresh your CCPA compliance program
  2. Update personal data inventory
  3. Determine if you collect "Sensitive Personal Information" 

  1. Create a process for new right to correct consumers' personal information
  1. Build in process for new opt-out rights advertising and sharing
  2. create a process to provide disclosed information to consumers
  3. develope a process forprocessing sensitivie information
  4. create an appeal process for consumer requests
  5. revise privacy policies
  6. assess relationships with service providers and data processors
  7. conduct risk assessments and implement data protection requirements
  8. ensure data minimization and retention requirements are met

  1. Understand what data falls under the CRPA's extended scope
  2. Prepare for new Consumer and Employee Rights Requests
  3. Update Websites to include "Do Not Share" opt-out mechanisms
  4. Update policies for retention & sensitive personal information
  5. Perform risk assessments and annual cybersecurity audits
  6. Monitor regulatory updates

The full guidelines can be found
Press release can be found