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California Data Broker Bill Gaining Momentum

Press Release
Jun 2, 2023
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California, with its CPRA amendments ready to take full effect on July 1, continues to push progressive data privacy measures forward. A major part of the CPRA is the creation of the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA), which will head enforcement of the state's data privacy regulations.

As other state-level American regulations only have enforcement from the Attorney General, California has a significant advantage in ensuring companies doing business in California or processing Californians' data comply with the CCPA.

This newest bill, the Delete Act, continues that push by outlining clear data broker requirements and limitations, including the need for brokers to register with the CPPA as well as a streamlined broker deletion request mechanism facilitated by the agency to make DSRs more accessible. In simpler terms, companies would need to present consumers with a clear "delete button" that an individual could hit to wipe their personal information from the company's servers.

The bill has advanced in the state Senate and will continue in cross committee. There is no timetable for its passage, but if it does pass, it would be a huge victory for data privacy in the U.S.

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