We offer our portal for free. As outlined on our pricing page, certain features (premium features) are included with our premium plans and are subject to monthly fees as part of an annual commitment.


Our refund policy applies only to MineOS Business customers using the MineOS portal.

If you wish to cancel your annual subscription and receive a refund, please notify us in writing within 14 days of the purchase date.

If you reside in a jurisdiction that requires a different refund period, please contact us at portal@saymine.com, and we will make efforts to accommodate such legal requirements applicable to you.

Please note that the refund amount may be different from the fees you have paid us due to currency changes and service providers’ fees. For the sake of clarity, we will not be responsible or liable for such differences.

After 14 days, your annual subscription fees will no longer be refundable or cancellable.

To request a refund, please send us an email message to portal@saymine.com, and we will process the request as soon possible.

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