CCPA Privacy Requests via a Toll-free Number

MineOS' toll-free number solution enables smooth operation for companies under CCPA regulation by adding a phone workflow, as required by law, through a dedicated US number.
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The easiest way to automate & comply with the CCPA’s Requirement

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Streamline and automate the entire DSR process. Fulfill requests with two clicks and provide an amazing user experience from start to finish.
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Automated Workflows
Enables smooth operation for companies not operating exclusively online by adding an automated phone workflow, as required by law, through a dedicated US number.
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A to Z PrivacyOps
The solution integrates with our other products for privacy & compliance management, like do-not-sell and share consent, data mapping and more.
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Mine’s Toll-Free Offering

The consumer’s phone number, country and state are automatically captured when he puts in the voice request. The requests are auto-created in MineOS with maximum details.
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Do you need the toll-free number to comply?

As required by the CCPA, certain businesses must both provide a toll-free number and a web link or email address where consumers can submit their information requests.

MineOS: Complete Privacy Compliance

In an ever-changing landscape of global regulations and privacy compliance requirements, Mine ensures you meet the needs of today as well as tomorrow.

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