What Sets MineOS Apart

Gal Ringel
Gal Ringel
Dec 11, 2023
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What Sets MineOS Apart

When we embarked on our journey with Mine in early 2019, our determination was unwavering: to empower a world where everyone has control over their data. 

Last week we shared the news that we've secured our Series B funding, amassing $30 million to propel our mission of MineOS being the single source of data truth within an organization. We're honored to have Battery Ventures and PayPal Ventures co-leading this round with a significant investment from Nationwide Ventures and with the participation of all of our existing investors, Saban Ventures, Gradient Ventures (Google's AI), MassMutual Ventures and Headline Ventures, all of which are amplifying their belief in Mine.

Going beyond Data Privacy and Governance

In our first years in the data privacy industry, we’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is for companies to know what they are dealing with in terms of the systems and assets they have and what types of data they collect in these assets. Rapid digitalization forced companies to move quickly and adapt to a new world where data is king.

After working with hundreds of companies, we were surprised to learn that the average organization has around 1,600 SaaS apps and cloud assets, of which 40% are completely unknown to them (Shadow IT). Many of these assets contained very sensitive business information they were unaware of, which is crucial for compliance with different privacy regulations.

Many of our conversations with legal teams, IT professionals, and security experts revealed that they felt overwhelmed. Even among enterprise businesses, it is rare to find someone with a holistic understanding of all the organizational SaaS apps and cloud asserts, to say nothing of the vast amounts of personal data coursing through each of them.

With more American states passing comprehensive data privacy laws and countries across the globe introducing increasingly stringent data privacy regulations, companies need to truly understand their data ecosystems now more than ever.

Building Trust in the Digital Age

Today’s digital landscape dominates the global economy, and after years of many organizations processing and collecting consumer data without clear guidelines or regulations, the public has had enough. Consumers are increasingly vigilant about their privacy, and only brands that respect their data rights and demonstrate that they prioritize data privacy and security will succeed and gain trust. 

After years of public uproar over data breaches and mishandling, companies now understand that they need to be more accountable and responsible for personal data, and forward-thinking brands like Reddit and HelloFresh are harnessing privacy as a huge differentiator to foster customer loyalty. 

This need to elevate trust and get ahead of the data privacy curve is why these brands have implemented the MineOS platform to build and maintain their privacy programs to the highest standard in the market.

As each new data privacy regulation expands data rights globally and more and more people exercise their rights every year, this barometer of trust will soon make itself a business priority for any company handling large amounts of customer or consumer data, which is why starting the process now is so important. Companies that understand this can use privacy as a revenue-generating endeavor that captivates customers, bolsters brand loyalty, and enhances profitability.

MineOS: Pioneering the Next Wave of Privacy and Data Governance Platforms

We've architected a platform that transforms data privacy and governance management into a seamless endeavor. MineOS empowers businesses to discover the SaaS apps and cloud assets they use automatically and then quickly scan them to classify all types of personal and sensitive data within these systems. 

From there, Mine automates many daily privacy and governance activities such as DSR handling, ROPA reports, DPIAs, Data Flows, Consent management, Vendor Risk Assessments, and more. In the end, MineOS allows companies to provide more transparency, choice, and control over the data they collect with a truly automated, no-code approach that can be onboarded in days. 

Our pre-built API catalog seamlessly integrates with popular SaaS apps and cloud infrastructure without writing a single line of code. We pride ourselves on crafting and sustaining our connectors and integrations, ensuring swift onboarding, precision, real-time updates, robust security, and the capability to unearth shadow IT presenting needless risk.

None of this would be possible without our platform’s unique data discovery and classification methods, which continuously capture and monitor a complete picture of an organization’s data ecosystem. With the most accurate data discovery in the industry, MineOS offers unmatched value for companies looking to manage data compliance: a single source of data truth.

The Road Ahead for Mine

Our pragmatic approach, combined with an emphasis on ease of use, has resonated deeply with our customers. Thanks to this funding and the unparalleled expertise of our board and team, we're poised to deliver even more seamless and satisfying Data Privacy, Governance, and soon AI Risk Governance that our customers will love and cherish.

We have great momentum in the market and cannot wait to continue innovating. At Mine, we’re striving to be the Single Source of Data Truth within the organization. Come join us on the journey, and we promise you the ride will be worth it.

Warm regards,

Gal Ringel

CEO, Mine