A Message on Mine's Future: Advisory Board and Expansion

Gal Ringel
Gal Ringel
Nov 23, 2022
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A Message on Mine's Future: Advisory Board and Expansion

From the inception of Mine, we’ve strived to make data privacy more top of mind for businesses and consumers alike by making traditionally painful and monotonous processes quick and painless through automation and balancing considerations of both companies and consumers to make individuals’ digital lives more transparent and businesses safer by practicing better Data Minimization.

We have taken immense pride in empowering and helping over 3,000,000 people to discover their personal data online and reduce it in places they no longer use, including saving more than 400,000 of them from having their data leaked in a data breach. It is because of events like data breaches that businesses carry disproportionate weight and responsibility on the bridge of respect and trust that should drive data privacy relations. That reality is why the start of Mine PrivacyOps, our B2B offering, was always where we were bound to end up. 

With the early successes we’ve found, such as climbing to the top of the industry according to G2 reviews, Mine is positioned better than it ever has been to grow and play a larger role in the data privacy landscape thanks to the shortest implementation time and highest ROI in the market.  

To support that growth, we’ve taken a few pivotal steps recently, as covered in press releases this week, so we can seize the opportunity before us in 2023 and beyond. The first of which is the establishment of an advisory board, in which we sought to make sure we have constant access to advice from leading privacy experts who’ve seen everything there is to see. 

I have the honor to name Professor David Hoffman, Ms. Jutta Williams, and Mr. Ari Schwartz as the inaugural members of that advisory board. The trio’s expertise, drawn from decades of working on privacy initiatives across government, academia, and enterprise, will prove invaluable to Mine as we develop our product and navigate the ever-evolving privacy landscape. 

The second step we’ve taken is our executive expansion, as we’re lucky to say that we’ve welcomed four incredibly talented and experienced people to our team.

We’ve always believed in our vision for responsible and transparent data privacy stewardship, and that utilizing the most modern technology around, such as machine learning, was the key to building a product that could cut through the established and cold veneer that data privacy has carried for many businesses up until this point. 

Expanding our team and attracting some of the best talent in the industry sharpens our team’s focus and will allow us to not only continue our growth, but accelerate it. 

Gabriel Benaily, the new VP of R&D, Daniel Goldfeld, the new VP of Customer Success, Samer Kamal, the new VP of Marketing, and Stas Michalski, the new VP of Sales, will all help us accomplish that and drive Mine PrivacyOps to becoming an essential tool in every company’s stack.

The third and final step we’ve taken is equally as exciting, as we’ve undergone U.S. expansion to truly make Mine a more global company. Our customer base is widespread and diverse, and we want to reflect that with our team, which is why we’ve hired several key roles within the U.S., including senior positions in our Sales, Marketing, R&D, and Customer Success teams. 

Having boots on the ground is a vital part of understanding a market’s intricacies and needs, so hiring talented executives in the U.S. was a logical move for us. In fact, expanding into the U.S. was a priority as the country sees its own privacy laws slowly but steadily gain traction, paving the way for a new dawn in its data privacy reality.. 

We couldn’t be more proud of everything Mine and its members have accomplished so far, but we know the best is still to come. Data privacy, as a modern and unconditional business need, has to shed its stigmas for businesses and consumers alike to have a better online experience, and we hope to be at the center of that discussion as it unfolds.