MineOS Becomes Momentum Leader in G2 Spring 23 Reports

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Apr 4, 2023
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MineOS Becomes Momentum Leader in G2 Spring 23 Reports

The heart of MineOS’s success is the love we have for our customers and the love they reciprocate in kind. That devotion to the success of our customers has not left us even as MineOS has grown and matured.  

We’ve continually seen the result of that in our G2 reviews, and this quarter is no different, as MineOS has earned 102 badges in the G2 Spring 2023 Report. 102 badges is a record for us and keeps our upward trajectory on G2 going, as each quarter has been an improvement over the last.

Our Spring 2023 badges, which include over a dozen Enterprise-level awards, span a range of privacy-related categories such as Data Privacy Management, Data Governance, Sensitive Data Discovery, and more. 

Spring 2023 is the 6th consecutive quarter MineOS has had a significant performance in the G2 awards circuit, demonstrating both the company’s deep-rooted connections with our customers and our unwillingness to simply rest on our laurels.

This explains our 98% customer satisfaction rate, another high mark in the data privacy and data governance industries. It’s these standout statistics that make privacy professionals like Philip Mason take notice. When Philip began looking for the right data privacy platform, he said, “I looked on G2 where Mine is virtually number 1 in every category and thought, ‘I'm not familiar with this company, but I probably should be.’" 

As MineOS has continued to hold down number one spots and in some cases expand our leads, we’ve gained the Momentum Leader designation in all our scored categories–another sign the work we’re doing to advance data privacy and governance is paying off.

The entire Mine team is beyond grateful for our customers’ feedback, the fuel that drives the platform’s innovation. Even with six straight quarters of  recognition, this is still the beginning of our company’s journey, as well as the journey we hope data privacy takes as data rights become a more hot button topic globally.

Check out the G2 Spring 2023 grid report here or get hooked up with a free MineOS PoC to see for yourself if our rankings are justified.