May 2024 Product Feature Updates

Nathan Siegel
Nathan Siegel
Jun 13, 2024
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May 2024 Product Feature Updates

Welcome to the May 2024 MineOS Product Feature Update! This month, we're introducing Custom Assessments, which allows you to build personalized assessment templates across various report types with an intuitive Builder interface. We've also added Saved Views for DSR tickets, enabling customized and saved ticket list views for different teams, and a new Review Date field for assets, simplifying compliance and privacy management. These enhancements are designed to streamline your operations and support your organizational goals.

Custom Assessments

Need a custom assessment for one of your teams? Build it and go!

Introducing Custom Assessments in MineOS: With our latest feature, you can now build your own assessment templates, which currently exists in our AI module but will now be extended to other types of reports. Simply navigate to the Assessments tab and click on the Builder option to get started. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create personalized assessments tailored to your specific needs, ensuring evaluations are comprehensive and relevant.

This feature goes beyond simple template creation by allowing you to use special blocks connected to other values in your inventory, Records of Processing Activities (RoPA), risks, and more. Additionally, you can easily map or move your separate internal policies documentation into MineOS, streamlining your processes and ensuring your assessments align with your organization's current policies.

Save DSR Ticket Views

Have a custom view that you like in the DSR tickets page? Save it and come back whenever you need.

Saved views in the DSR ticket page is a new feature addition to MineOS, allowing users to alter the way that the list of DSR tickets appears and then save this view in the portal. This makes it easier to create a view for a specific team, which might entail much different fields and values than another team, and then save it so that the DSR tickets page can appear in a different way with a single click. Now, multiple teams can get the information they need out without having to re-sort the page every time.

Added Review Date Field

Another understated yet important feature addition to MineOS this month is the Review Date field for assets in the portal. Keeping up with compliance and privacy is a hard task, requiring supervision, approval and upkeep on new assets, reports, assessments and other additions to the data environment. Now that lists in the portal can be sorted by the date the list item was last reviewed, it’s simple to understand which needs the most urgent focus.

That's all for this month - make sure you check in soon to see what else we've been cooking up at MineOS!