July 2023 MineOS Product Updates

Nathan Siegel
Nathan Siegel
Aug 8, 2023
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July 2023 MineOS Product Updates

In the world of data privacy, we at MineOS continue to stake our claim as an industry leader. The July updates to our product further those ends, and make data privacy and governance easier to manage - so let’s unpack them. 

1. VPN Tunneling: A Step Further in Security

In the Settings panel, connect your organization's VPN to tunnel data to MineOS.

For the enterprise aficionados among us, MineOS has introduced VPN tunneling, a feature with both subtlety and strength. By diving into the Settings menu, users can create a bridge between their resources and MineOS. The major takeaway here: Data traveling over IPSec isn’t just encrypted; it's fortified against the myriad of lurking cyber threats. This isn’t just about secure data; it's about integrating your infrastructure seamlessly with MineOS in a world where boundaries are increasingly virtual.

2. Custom Integrations: Tailored for Your Unique Systems

One of the aspects of privacy we appreciate at MineOS is how technology can be molded to fit compliance needs. Now, through webhook connectivity, custom systems can now be married to the MineOS privacy portal. It’s not just about assimilation; it's about elevating these systems to the standards set by SaaS offerings.

3. DSR Scaling: Meeting Global Privacy Requests

Your system will be able to handle a larger volume of DSRs more capably.

In the realm of global operations, nuances matter. MineOS's enhancements in Data Subject Request handling capture this sentiment, with a new pagination system and simultaneously, a new emphasis on efficiently addressing high volume ticketing. Both of these are critical for companies with a broad footprint and an expansive user base that loves to exercise its rights.

4. Geo-coverage: The Art of Simplification

Details matter, but sometimes, the broader picture is just as critical. The recent tweak in location detailing exemplifies this. Instead of navigating through the granularity of individual countries, users can paint with broad strokes, selecting expansive regions like "Asia - All", for instance.

5. New Integrations

One-click DSR handling for requests involving Ayla, and precise PII tracing for data.

We never rest on our laurels when it comes to integrations. This month, the roster grows with the addition of DSR integrations for Ayla and PII integrations for

As we push forward, we hope our trajectory in the data privacy domain helps organizations make compliance and governance easier to achieve. Let us know if there’s something you’d love to see in the MineOS platform, and stay tuned for our next update!