MineOS is the #1 Highest-Rated Data Privacy Management Software on G2

Tom Orbach
Tom Orbach
Mar 30, 2022
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MineOS is the #1 Highest-Rated Data Privacy Management Software on G2

At Mine, our customers and their feedback matter more than anything.  That’s why we’re so excited to announce that our business customers ranked our MineOS platform as the #1 best Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Software as well as named the highest-rated Data Privacy Management Software in the industry on G2, the leading business software and services reviews platform. 

G2 Data Shows MineOS Customers Go-Live Faster And Achieve ROI Faster

We’re humbled to be recognized for our fast and self-serve onboarding — that doesn’t require months of work just to complete the initial setup.

Based on customer reviews, the average time for businesses to go live with any Data Privacy Management Software is 2.54 months (77 days), but <hl>going live with MineOS takes only 0.04 months (1.5 days)<hl>!

An example of this was the setup for Fair Harbor, a clothing company that successfully went live with MineOS in just 20 minutes! As part of their implementation, they set up three integrations with external data sources, connected their privacy email inbox, set up the Privacy Center, and added another agent. All in just 20 minutes. 

The bottom line: According to G2, MineOS can be implemented in a day, while it takes almost three months with other privacy software.

The return on investment time (payback period) of MineOS is estimated to be 3.3 months among our customers, whereas the same estimation for other privacy software is much higher — 19.18 months on average. 

<hl>We’re incredibly proud to have won all badges for the “Results” index of G2<hl> (which includes the Best Results badge, Best Estimated ROI badge, and Users Most Likely to Recommend badge). According to G2, these ratings are calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for several results-related review questions.

We're Customer Obsessed & We Mean It

Overall, we received a <hl>4.9-star rating<hl> (on a scale of 5) from our customers.  

Recent G2 customer reviews of MineOS include:

  • "My favorite SaaS for privacy. I love the attention Mine’s team gives - they reach out often to make sure everything is running smoothly.”
  • Mine saves developers valuable time. Our R&D team has been saving a lot of time on repetitive tasks since we started using Mine to manage data privacy. They built it with developers in mind."
  • "Our users love us because of Mine. With Mine, we handle privacy requests blazing fast, and everything is structured and easy to use for our users."
  • "Mine gave us true peace of mind" I’m very happy with all of the features and the super-easy way that they function. The amazing UX in addition brings me a lot of joy
  • "The privacy platform from the future. Their powerful AI that manages all incoming DSR/DSAR, along with the other AI for scanning all of our company’s data sources, are honestly magical." 
  • "Finally! A user-friendly data privacy software. Let me be clear: This is the best user experience I’ve seen when it comes to privacy operations. Mine offers a beautiful UI, and the flows to get things done just make sense.”

We're also honored to receive 14 unique badges and earn a spot on G2's list of High Performers in all of our categories. Additional awards and badges for Spring 2022 included:

  1. The Easiest to Use badge
  2. The Fastest Implementation badge
  3. The Best Estimated ROI badge
  4. The Easiest Setup badge
  5. The Users Most Likely to Recommend badge
  6. The Easiest Admin badge
  7. The Best Usability badge
  8. The Best Results badge
  9. The Best Meets Requirements badge
  10. The Most Implementable badge
  11. The Highest User Adoption badge
  12. The Best Relationship badge
  13. The Users Love Us badge (We love you too. 💜)

One last metric on G2 that especially caught our eye is <hl>a 100% satisfaction rating for our support team<hl>. This 100% approval score means the world to us since we do everything we can to provide fast, efficient, and personal service — without losing our human touch.

On a Mission For a Better Future

Our company started MineOS because <hl>we heard about the struggle many companies were facing with their existing privacy solutions<hl>. Many of the available privacy platforms had complicated user interfaces with limited automation capabilities and a very long implementation process.

According to a public G2 report from 2021, data privacy management software users want easier setup, easier use, and need better user adoption:

“In an attempt to uncover what some of these unmet needs are, I ran a language analysis on G2’s reviews for the entire category. I found that 17% of what reviewers cite that they like the least about the product they use include words stating that the software is “hard to use.” Other commonly negatively cited themes include “user interface” and “processes.”” 

— G2 Senior Research Analyst, Merry Marwig, CIPP/US

The ratings and badges Mine has received are a testament that we’re on the right path in changing the data privacy landscape and helping companies with <hl>a user-friendly (yet powerful) privacy platform and automated tools for their entire privacy operations<hl>.

“Our customers are the backbone of our company — they are the reason we wake up every morning. It is an honor to be able to solve real privacy problems for some of the world's largest companies while offering the quickest go-live time and the highest ROI metrics in our industry.
The fact that we deal with a serious subject such as privacy doesn't mean we have to compromise on excellent user experience, efficiency, and affordability. We will continue with our constant dedication to innovation as we disrupt the privacy space." 

— Mine Co-Founder and CEO, Gal Ringel.

We want to thank our customers for your continuous support and for awarding us these badges and to our wonderful team for making this all possible. 💜 We couldn't have done it with you.

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