Evolution of Data Mapping & Data Classification Webinar

James Grieco
James Grieco
Dec 7, 2022
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Evolution of Data Mapping & Data Classification Webinar

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Managing where data streams are and what data they hold is a serious challenge for any company. Considering the seemingly infinite scale of the cloud and the growing scope of data privacy regulations, being on top of your company’s data and instilling proper data governance now requires high-end software as compliance culture has become a must for any organization.

A major key to managing that is data classification and data mapping. There's more tooling than ever to implement custom classification unique to your company or industry, but the challenge of leveraging the right data classification technologies as part of your data privacy program remains critical to your program’s success.

How can you know which technology is right for you? How has the evolution of data classification played out and what lies ahead? 

Join us on December 14 at 2 PM GMT/9 AM EST as Mine Co-Founder and CPO Kobi Nissan alongside Mine Advisory Board Member and privacy industry expert Jutta Williams answer these questions as they discuss data classification challenges for the cloud, approaches to data classification, and how the modern data lifecycle works with tools like Continuous Data Classification.

Topics covered include:

👉 Compliance considerations for modern data

👉 How data classification practices impact multiple teams throughout an organization

👉 Mine’s unique approach to Data Classification

👉 Why Mine's new approach is so noteworthy and how it will help you

If you work in privacy and crave high-level industry discussions, you’ll regret missing this webinar!

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