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One of your users is asking to delete their data. We can help you out with that.
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Discover where you hold user data

Reveal up to 100% of your data sources (no coding required). Automatically generate GDPR ROPA records and keep track of completion, so nothing gets overlooked. How else can you handle a data privacy request, if you don’t know where to look?

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Handle privacy requests 95% faster

Thanks to our unique position in the market (1,300,000+ consumers use Mine to be safer online), we were able to build a technology that helps provide the needed context to easily validate each incoming privacy request. MineOS allows to unify Privacy Requests from all sources into one platform.

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Customize & Automate your privacy workflows

Effortlessly fulfill privacy requests & gain insights with no-code integrations that connect to your company's external data sources. Keep track of GDPR & CCPA privacy requests, avoid compliance risks, and repetitive work.

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Requests facilitated through Mine
No-code integrations
Minutes to implement your PrivacyOps
Companies trust & use Mine to automate PrivacyOps
Mine is ranked as the “Highest Rated” privacy software on G2
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"Streamlining complex privacy compliance"
“Great team, tackling an important challenge in privacy, and taking a data-driven approach.”
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"Integrated and user friendly platform complemented with excellent support"
"The level of support provided to ensure it's set up properly and you know how to use it to maximise it's effectiveness."
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"A great platform with so much promise in the pipeline"
"MineOS is a great way to ensure all of your DSR needs are centralized and controlled in the same location. It has made understanding our DSR process so much more than ever before."
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"Great product and even better people!"
"I genuinely have nothing bad to say about Mine! They are truly a best-in-class solution."
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"Privacy compliance simplified and streamlined"
"The setup process is quick and easy. Many other platforms are overly complicated. Especially when you do not have teams dedicated to this."
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"Easy to use Privacy Platform"
"We had no visibility to review our entire data inventory at this level before. Now we can we where and what data types we have."
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"DSR automation without the hassle"
"The UI is straightforward and plan flexibility. Ease of setup as well. It meets all the requirements."
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"Great tool/sped up processes"
"Great tool. Helped automate and vastly sped up our process for DSR Handling."
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"A great one stop shop to manage privacy!"
"Easy to use and very intutuive UI which simplifies managing all of your privacy tasks."
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