Minim Boosts its Data Mapping with MineOS

Mine Staff
Mine Staff
Mar 22, 2023
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Minim Boosts its Data Mapping with MineOS

Minim is changing the way people run their smarthomes, bringing AI-driven management of Wi-Fi networks and enabled devices to make any house a tech lover’s dream home. Bringing powerful hardware and intelligent software to any home or business, Minim has partnered with Motorola to power the next generation of connectivity products so people can do more and live better.


When a company deals with AI and tech, there is always an immense amount of data involved. That was especially true for Minim, considering their partnership with global giant Motorola. 

With the way SaaS usage has changed the circulation and handling of data, the majority of data companies interact with now is unstructured data. Due to the unknown aspects of unstructured data, it poses both a compliance risk and a logistical one as companies seek to define that data and draw relevant insights from it. 

This is particularly important in today’s bottom-up tech landscape, where engineers and developers have been empowered by management to experiment with products and dream up the biggest and best innovations possible. While trusting staff to execute on ideas is a step forward for technology, it usually means more projects in development at a time, and thus more compliance and security concerns to factor in.

These challenges are compounded by the typically difficult nature of putting together a data map, let alone an accurate and up-to-date one. 

But Minim cares deeply about their connectivity solutions championing the best data privacy practices, so the company set out to find the best data mapping solution.


In the course of the company’s search, Minim’s Data Protection Officer Philip Mason, a seasoned and thorough privacy professional, knew he wanted to help ingrain privacy controls that everyone in the organization could use and like using. 

That second part was a key issue though, since many legacy data privacy platforms are unwieldy to use and challenging even for privacy professionals to adjust to. If a DPO or other privacy professional needs a long learning curve to get comfortable with a system, imagine how tiresome it will be for non-privacy professionals to use it.

Finding the balance between a data governance platform that helps maintain compliance, instills a culture of data privacy and protection, and enhances business decision-making is a tall task.

Philip scoured the market, seeing what everyone had available, “in the 2nd half of 2022 I interviewed half a dozen of the largest data governance privacy providers … and MineOS was the one for us. We were extremely impressed with both the platform and associated technology.”

It was an unexpected turn of events, considering Minim hadn’t heard of Mine just a few months prior. Philip didn’t even find Mine directly, saying, “I looked on G2 where Mine is virtually number 1 in every category and thought, ‘I'm not familiar with this company, but I probably should be."

Why was the Minim team so quick to target the Mine solution after spending some time with the product through a free PoC? Philip notes, “that was one thing I thought Mine really differentiated itself from the competitors with—the platform’s ability to identify and categorize unstructured data is unmatched.”


After a quick onboarding, Minim was able to use Mine AI’s advanced capabilities like Continuous Data Classification to break down bottlenecks in data governance tasks. 

With nearly full discovery of all the data systems the company was using, Minim was identifying data at risk more clearly than ever, meaning they could take the appropriate action and put the strongest privacy controls in place.

Philip notes with a smile, “You’ll absolutely be surprised at all the things you see and find and locate, and that’s a good thing overall."

Philip knew before they started their search for a data governance platform that the days of manually constructing a data map were gone–thankfully–but with MineOS data mapping became so easy and reliable that new possibilities opened up.

Data silos no longer exist within the company and Minim now has maximum transparency thanks to Mine’s automated uniform data controls. 

The result of that? A happy customer with a healthier privacy program than ever. Philip explains, “the [Mine] portal is so user-friendly and intuitive. The whole graphic interface is legitimately pleasant to use, and the customer support is frankly, outstanding. It really is an outstanding system and I can’t recommend it enough.”